Why We Renamed Our Podcast Show

Why We Renamed Our Podcast Show | Association for Mental Health Professionals

We're renaming our weekly podcast from the "Therapy Sisters" to "Therapy Disruptors". Seems there's another pair of sisters out there using that name as well so they can have it and we wish them well.

Considering the madness that is attacking our world including our profession we wanted to come up with something that captured our mission in two simple words. We wanted something that was in keeping with our overall brand-theme of patriotism, America first, common-sense, God and liberty and in the spirit of the founding fathers.

Why We Renamed Our Podcast Show

AMHP exists because the traditional groups have rolled over and bought into the madness. We speak up because we're tired of having our values and beliefs attacked. We wake up each morning to disrupt the attack under which we find ourselves as a profession, because we love what we do. We will continue to attempt to disrupt their well-planned assault. That is our mission; to fight back against the crazy and defend what's right in the eyes of God, and in our own hearts. At some point common sense has to win the day.

Therapy Disruptors PodcastIt's not a warm, fuzzy marketing message that speaks clearly to everyone, nor is it supposed to be. It's a battle cry. If that still doesn't make sense then hang around with us for awhile. It will eventually.

We're here to disrupt the madness and inject some common sense.

Simple. As. That.

Empathic EHR and the Association for Mental Health Professionals

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