Preferred CE Providers

| Association for Mental Health ProfessionalsWhere Did We Get This List?

The list builds itself! Some of your colleagues offer very good ce workshops, courses, and other ce events and we'd like to put you two together! As we gain new association members one of the registration options is for those of you who offer ce opportunities. Those applicants add additional information during their profile setup about their CEU's.

How Do I Search This List?

This is easy! Do a simple search using the "CE Workshop Topics Offered" drop-down. Select the workshop topic category that you're interested in from the list and click, "Search". You'll be shown a list of "business cards" of members offering CEU's for the topic(s) you've selected and those members will also be plotted on the map. Find one close to you!

For our Texas members, each TX licensed ce provider on the list either matches the boards' definition of "approved provider" or has been deemed an approved provider by virtue of their approval by The Association for Mental Health Professionals (AMHP). Rest assured that by utilizing the ce providers listed below you will not run afoul of the 50% rule limitation placed on those providers the boards don't deem "worthy" (their words!) of inclusion on their "approved" list.

How Do I Get On This List? Or, Who Do You Know That Might Want On It?

Know anyone that provides ce courses or workshops who doesn't qualify for your board's "Approved Provider" list? Or maybe that's you? Please send them a link to our Home Page. If they like what they read they can submit an application to become a "Preferred CE Provider" via this page. Simple ce offering approval and membership in our association will earn them "approved provider" status. Thanks!