Licensed Texas Mental Health Supervisor Lists

| Association for Mental Health ProfessionalsFinally! A complete, searchable database of LPC and LMFT Supervisors. While there is no comprehensive list of supervisors that will tell you about their practice types, whether they're currently accepting new associates, or their practice specialties, this will help you narrow down the massive list of candidates to a workable prospect list. From there you'll want to find their website(s) and narrow down your list even further. I wish we had their web addresses for you but that information is not available so you'll be doing "Google searches" for that once you have identified your target list. Good luck!

Our Database Update Policy

We update these databases once a year so on the off-chance you know of a supervisor that isn't in this database (yet) please feel free to send us an email to and we'll add it manually.

The Texas LPC Supervisor List

This is a searchable list of all of the LPC Supervisors licensed in the State of Texas. Most, but not all reside in Texas so don't be dismayed if the first handful of licensees represented in the list below are listed in a state other than Texas.

Searching is easy. Search by any piece of text-based information you have. We suggest you start your search by the County in which you are looking to practice, and the surrounding counties as well then zero in by zip code but you may conduct your search in whatever manner works best for you.

Feel free to copy/paste your search results into a spreadsheet or whatever file type you choose to track your contact efforts, and good luck!

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