The Founders' Story

Kathleen and Phillip met sometime in 2015 and immediately hit it off. That led to the creation of their first joint business venture, Owing largely to Kathleen's horrific 4 year experience with the licensing board prior to 2015, they produced live CE workshops for licensed mental health counselors on ethics topics no one else in the State of TX were doing at the time, and still aren't!

A long-developing series of events led to the founding and development of AMHP, the Association for Mental Health Professionals. The genesis for the start-up organization included the overall, social agenda driven direction of the counseling profession and its professional organizations, and numerous misguided steps by the state licensing boards.

AMHP was founded primarily to provide a professional home for the disenfranchised counselors who no longer felt represented by the traditional organizations or their licensing boards. It exists with the mental health of Joe Citizen as its' primary focus and will pursue its objective through an overall body-mind-spirit approach to mental health.

About Kathleen Mills

About the Founders | Association for Mental Health Professionals

Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAP, CIMHP, Co-Founder of AMHP

Kathleen Mills LPC-S, CEAP, CIMHP has been a professional counselor since 1989. She and a handful of fellow counselors founded Life Tree Counseling shortly thereafter and she is the last remaining member of the original founding group. She heads up her group practice in Frisco, TX and views her practice model as an "incubator" group which means she trains new associates, all of whom become unconditionally licensed under her tutelage. Some remain with her, some leave to begin their own practice and that is how she likes it!


About Phillip Crum

About the Founders | Association for Mental Health Professionals

Phillip Crum, AMHP Co-Founder

Phillip has spent all of his working life in "people-facing" work helping his parents in the operation of their restaurants then spending a quarter century in sales in the printing industry. It is there that he and Kathleen first crossed paths. The winner of many, many sales awards he likes helping people. Solving problems and organizing things with endless spreadsheets are his forte but above all he likes to write and create other forms of content to achieve objectives.