The AMHP Annual Conference 2024

September 26 & 27

Join Us This Year in Carrollton, TX

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"A Holistic Approach to Mental Health in a Post-Covid World: Saving the Next Generation"

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Your Event Hostess

Kathleen Mills LPC-S

Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAP, CIMHP is an AMHP co-founder and will be your hostess. She's looking forward to meeting you!

Your Event Emcee

Kip Rodgers LPC-S

Running the show for us again this year will be Kip Rodgers, LPC-S. Kip is a vital part of the AMHP podcast show, "Therapy Disruptors" and is very comfortable working in the vicinity of a microphone. Read more about Kip here.

Your Roving Mic

Phillip Crum-Co-Founder AMHP

Phillip Crum, co-founder of AMHP, will be roaming the floor with a mic, making sure we start on time and end on time! And he's looking forward to meeting you as well.

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What Dr Brian Procter Thinks!

Exhibitor and Sponsor Opportunities

Want a table or a booth at this year's conference? We'd love to talk with you about it. Click the button to find out more about the opportunities then submit the Contact form and we'll call you right back.

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Early-Bird Pricing, $495 for AMHP Members, Lasts Until May 31 and is Reflected Below (after you log in!).

Seating is Limited. When They're Gone...They're Gone!


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Our 2024 Conference Agenda

Kathleen Mills LPC-S

We're Doing Something Different This Year!

In lieu of devoting an entire day to your required CEU courses we're creating an OnDemand CEU Library for AMHP Members on the AMHP website so you can knock out all of your required courses well ahead of the conference (or wait until after if you're in no hurry for those renewal hours). This way we can devote two entire days to subject matter that entirely supports this year's theme. 

Day 1 Lineup

Brett Bashawaty

Speaker: Brett Bashawaty

Why Fractional Nutrition Doesn't Work, How to Supplement Properly and Its Direct Impact on The Mental Health of Your Clients

Fractional nutrition is the practice of throwing supplements at a problem and hoping they work without considering the base nutritional picture as Brett discussed last year. Once a base nutritional foundation is established then the fine-tuning can begin! Brett will spend the bulk of his time outlining how that fine-tuning is accomplished, what it looks like when practiced properly, and the positive outcomes possible for your counseling clients.

Dr Art Copes AMHP Conference Speaker 2024

Speaker: Dr. Art Copes

The Brain-Gut Connection and It's Relationship to Mental Health

Science has long known that the gut is neurologically connected to the brain and that nutritional and other deficiencies in the intestinal environment can lead directly to mental health issues. Dr Art Copes will lead this 90-minute look at the role this connection plays in the mental health of your clients, what you need to be looking for, and how to handle these matters with your clients.  The takeaway is that clearing up these gut issues can clear up related mental health issues.

Dr Jeffrey Hubbard AMHP Conference 2024

Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Hubbard

Frequency Treatment Options and Applications for Mental Health

Sound, light, and other forms of frequency-based treatment options should hold a very definite place in your list of potential treatment options for your mental health clients. In this 90-minute segment Dr Jeffrey Hubbard going to introduce you to this category of treatment options, explain how they work and why, then give you implementation options to get started.

Dr Miriam Grossman

Virtual Speaker: Dr. Miriam Grossman

Lost in Trans Nation: The Take-Over of Our Counseling Profession and How to Fight It

Almost 15 years ago Dr Miriam Grossman noticed some unsettling changes happening in our society. She went to explore and the result was a series of books addressing the issues. You may recognize her from Matt Walsh's documentary, "What's a Woman?" and more recently doing interviews with Dr Jordan Petersen. One of the first to stand up and declare that the Emperor is indeed unclothed she is not shy about speaking her mind.

Kathleen Mills LPC-S

Day 1 ReCap

Speakers' Round-Table

Wrapping up Day 1 will be a Q&A session with all of our Day 1 speakers so write your questions down, and our featured panel moderator, Kathleen Mills LPC-S, will pose as many of them as time permits.

Day 2 Lineup

Dr Carrie Madej AMHP Conference 2024

Speaker: Dr. Carrie Madej

The Spiritual Connection to Mental Health and Its Place in Your Practice

More and more medical health practitioners are recognizing the connection between spiritual and physical health. But how do our spiritual beliefs and consequent spiritual health affect our overall mental health? What part does it play? What about the bias we've been taught to respect? In this 90-minute segment, Dr. Carrie Madej will explore those questions and offer her unique take on how a solid, spiritual foundation can dramatically affect our client's overall mental health.

Dr Larry Pavlevsky AMHP Conference 2024

Speaker: Dr. Larry Palevsky, Functional Pediatrics

What Are We Doing to our Children’s Brains? A Western Medical Perspective

Vaccine schedules have risen from 3 recommended shots in the '60's to over 70 shots in the current era. Correlations between vaccines and physical injuries are occurring at a rapid pace but the increase in the number of scheduled vaccines shows no signs of abating, especially if there's a profit to be made. In this segment, pediatrician Dr Larry Palevsky will explore this issue and its direct and obvious connections to mental health.

Dr Quentin Van Meter AMHP Conference 2024

Speaker: Dr. Quentin Van Meter, Pediatric Endocrinologist

The TransGender Issue: How We're Destroying Our Kids and How to Deal With It in Our Practices

The transgender issue is ruining our next generation of kids. Dr Quentin Van Meter is a pediatric endocrinologist out of Atlanta, GA and has witnessed a lot of its history during his career so in this segment he'll explain how we got here, the impact it's having on our kids, and what we as counselors need to know about it to correct course before it's too late.

Dr Peter Glidden

Speaker: Dr. Peter Glidden, Naturopath

Homeopathy's Place in the World of Mental Health

This 90-minute session is intended to be an introduction to the world of homeopathy, it's place in naturopathic medicine and its connection to mental health. The overall purpose is for you, the mental health counselor, to walk away with a clear and factual understanding of how homeopathy might help you with your clients, and how to implement the option in your practice.

Kathleen Mills LPC-S

Day 2 ReCap

Speakers' Round-Table

Wrapping up Day 2 will be a Q&A session with all of our Day 2 speakers so write your questions down, and our featured panel moderator, Kathleen Mills LPC-S, will pose as many of them as time permits. But we promise to get you out of here on time!

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AMHP 2024 Annual Conference in Carrollton, TX

Hotel Information

The hotel is located in Carrollton, TX just about equidistant between Love Field and DFW Airport. The negotiated room rate is $169/nite. Book your rooms and find a map and other facility information on the other side of this link. Just click it!

AMHP Annual Conference 2024 Courtyard Collage
AMHP 2024 Annual Conference in Carrollton, TX