Advocating for Your Practice and Your Rights

| Association for Mental Health Professionals

Our profession and our individual liberties are under attack from the very same institutions that should be safeguarding them. Academia, our traditional professional organizations, accrediting bodies, and even our licensing boards are all moving away from an historical, evidence-based model. It's being replaced by a socially driven agenda that proclaims "anything goes" and the counselor's primary objective is to affirm any and all behavior.

Moral and collective accountabilities are being abandoned for a counseling model in which every behavior is "truth" and mental illnesses are being normalized. This is not in the best interest of our clients and we are quickly losing our professional status with the public.

It is well past time for you to do your part; all of us. We can no longer rely on "the other guy" to carry the load. You are the other guy!

Our approach to Professional Advocacy is built upon the following concepts:

  • Promotes the further development of critical thinking skills on the part of each counselor
  • Recognizes that you already have a full-time job!
  • Offers simple, helpful tools to get involved

How This Works

Our staff routinely monitors the activities and direction of the various entities mentioned in the first paragraph. We give you our best thoughts and opinions about what's going on in our profession, in the form of blog posts, Therapy Disruptors podcast recordings, and regular webinars for members, then offer up some simple things you can do to participate and push back.

What You Can Do to Help

1. This blog post outlines a fairly comprehensive list of things you can easily do, most of which won't require you to get out of your chair!

2. This podcast episode discusses that list in greater depth if you prefer to listen instead of reading. And if you're already an AMHP member you'll get CE credit for listening to it as well.

How Can I Get Involved?

If you're not already an AMHP member then go sign up so you get all the notices and information. Then read the weekly enewsletter, listen to the podcast and stay current on what's happening. We'll suggest easy actions you can take (see 1 and 2 above) and provide some simple tools so you don't need to recreate the wheel.

It's your profession, your license. If you don't like the direction our noble profession is taking then you need to do something about it. Make your voice heard. We're not going to do it for you, we're going to do it with you. Let's go!

We got this.