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How to Deal With Woke | Association for Mental Health Professionals

The fight in our world today is not about USA vs China or Russia, left vs right, Democrat vs Republican, or black vs white. It's quite simply a good vs evil, winner take all world event. It is a spiritual battle that has been raging for centuries and manifests in this very real form of social presence they call "Woke".

It's going to get worse if we don't do our part to resist and fight back. The good news is you don't have to be the next Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, or Russel Brand. You get to be you and hold firm to your half-acre that constitutes your home and office where you spend most of your time. You can do that, and we'll talk about how to do that in just a minute.

The Path to Getting Here

But before we get to that, we must understand how we got here. In order to protect our counseling profession and individual practices we must know our enemy and their history in order to fight back effectively. In every generation, going back as far as history records, there has always been one or more characters that have wanted to rule the world. No shortage of diseased psychopaths wanting to run your life.

The last 4 generations have seen the WEF and their leadership fill that role. They want a one-world government, meet several times a year and aren't trying to hide their agenda. They are extremely well funded through private billionaires and wealthy corporations and their adherents and graduates (they have schools to train people) will assume hi-level corporate and government positions and take the WEF worldview with them. That's in place right now.

The WEF is spearheading the drive to create a one-world government and the only thing standing in their way is the USA. With our fierce individual liberty mindset and that pesky right to bear arms against just this sort of thing, we're the only thing preventing them from realizing their goal, so they have to destroy us from within. That means get us to destroy ourselves.

A Brief Look at Their Playbook

To do that they need control of the money system (the Federal Reserve) and the mass communication systems, our energy sources, and our food supply. Doing so gives them control over the economic basics we all need.

The next step is to divide us as a people, to break us up into warring groups without realizing we're being played against each other. They need a way to control or greatly influence what we're thinking and our youth are their back-door in for that. They need to control academia from K-Grad school.

That began back in the '60's and they have been claiming ivory towers one at a time, eliminating professorial competition, and indoctrinating youth looking for something to believe in. After several generations of this approach we now have parents in their 30's and 40's teaching this stuff to their kids and holding positions of importance in companies nationwide. Now it's just a matter of time before we reach a tipping point of no return.

A Closer Look at Our Opposition

There are two groups of Woke adherents. 1) Those that are calling the shots (and their handlers) educating their next generation of followers, and 2) the followers themselves.

You'll probably never encounter those pulling the strings or the educators doing their bidding. They constitute a small percentage of adherents and are sequestered behind University walls.

But their graduates are everywhere and can be divided into the hard-core believers who cannot be persuaded, and that very small percentage who are riding the ideological fence parroting what they've been told, unsure which path they should take. I believe the remnant is salvageable but the majority are lost to us owing to their training.

What Do They Believe?

They believe in the exact opposite of your foundational beliefs. They don't believe in reason or logic, they drive their decisions with emotions. They don't believe in capitalism, they want a world system of socialism or worse. They don't believe in individual liberty they believe in group think, the collectives.

Without getting into the philosophical anatomy of their strategy anymore than I already have, that overall philosophy removes from the equation calm, rational, logical debate as a method of solving differences, and replaces it with emotional, unhinged responses leading towards violence as a way to achieve their objectives. You can't talk to the adherents that have been steeped in this stuff because they have been trained that if you subscribe to individual liberty, the first and second amendments, and capitalism then you are the enemy. Apparently we're trying to marginalize and keep them down, whatever that might mean to them. They're familiar with the arguments you'll use against them and react to those "trigger phrases" emotionally and with no logic or reason. Remember, reason is bad.

You'll see variations of this in your encounters and those differences are due to how thoroughly their professors indoctrinated them and how many classes they skipped, but it all stems from the same rotten core teachings.

How to Deal With Woke: Two Engagement Strategies

So how best to deal with this stuff when we encounter them and an issue is forced? A natural urge when confronted with aggression is to engage head on and win them over, win a debate, or destroy them, which is to take a page out of their playbook. The other option is to create and maintain a parallel economy, or defend the one we still have, and defund them.

Why The First Option is a Losing Proposition

As I explained above their foundational values are diametrically opposed to the traditional values that built this country. They have so thoroughly redefined words and concepts that the debate stage upon which you may stand with them is not level. So my recommendation is that you do not engage with these people in any attempt to debate or win them over, because you won't.

The only exception to that rule is if you have an audience for the encounter that might benefit from hearing and seeing the folly of the woke argument. A debate is not about trying to win over your opponent, it's about winning over the audience. Just be very, very careful because trying to straighten out a highly twisted bit of thinking gives your opponent the opportunity to turn your thoughts into pretzel logic and you risk losing your audience.

If you're going to debate then you must know your material and be prepared to address the other guy's statements with logic-based responses (for the audience's benefit). Always best to keep your opponent on his heels with questions begging an explanation. They'll side-step the question but your audience will know it. Since they can't resort to reason or logic to provide those answers they must necessarily be based on emotion and blame and that gets comical very quickly. Utilize their own tactic against them and let them destroy themselves. The audience will see through it. BTW, the audience I keep referring to could be a like-minded associate you've asked to sit in on an interview, simple situations like that.

Why the Second Option is the Only Option

You'll not have many opportunities to truly debate a woke adherent and most of us don't want to. All you need to focus on is protecting your half-acre and let Joe, Elon, and Russell stage the public debates. Here's how I suggest you do that.

1. Avoid them at all costs.

Present yourself on your website in such a manner so that the woke disciples won't want to work for you and so won't bother contacting you in the first place. Second, develop that online presentation so that your position and beliefs are crystal clear to your next client. Use your website to filter both your clients and possible hires.

2. Don't debate or engage them.

I think we've covered that sufficiently but if you must engage, limit your interaction to asking very direct, pointed but respectful questions asking them to explain their position.

  • “Why do you believe it's my responsibility to pay off your school loan debts?”
  • “How do you think that, as a small business owner, I arrived at my splits?”
  • “And why do you believe that working a 40-hour week is "unfair"?”

Get them to explain their thought processes and no matter what answers they give always pose yet another question based on what they just said. Make sure it begins with, "Why do you think..." or "How do you think...".

The answers they give are irrelevant because you're not going to win the discussion. Your primary objective is to win any audience you may have. A secondary goal is to plant a seed in your opponent's head and get them to think after they leave your office. Whether they do or not is up to a much Higher Power than you. He'll save the remnant, you run your practice.

3. Don't hire them.

You're not legally, morally or ethically required or compelled in any way to hire someone who's work ethics, philosophies, and attitudes do not fit into your business model. Simple as that. This is all about you protecting yourself and your half-acre first. This has the secondary effect of "defunding the woke environment". Even the staunchest wokie has rent to pay unless he's still in mommy's basement.

4. Don't appease them.

Didn't work for Neville Chamberlain with Hitler (and countless other tyrants) and it won't work for you. This type will take what you offer then demand more regardless of the cost to you. Don't give in to any statements they make that you don't agree with if they should get as far as an interview. If they're already on your staff you've probably already experienced their entitled demands on your resources. Don't give in. You don't need them that badly.

What's a Parallel Economy?

When your business opponent or industry is too firmly entrenched and well-funded for outside influences to effect any change, then one has to build a smaller more innovative operation with a better business model. Compete with them in parallel and let the market decide rather than trying to take over their ship.

The mental health industry is huge and both Big Pharma and the Woke community want to own it. Unfortunately, they both have their claws in us pretty deep right now through academia's output, the DSM5 and our various licensing boards and it may not be possible to recover what we've ceded. Building our own parallel economy will be a cleaner, faster way to recover. From there we let the market decide what works and what doesn't. Regardless of what they think about capitalism they still have to compete within it!

I got $5 American dollars that says the public ultimately chooses a whole body approach to mental health over any other format. That includes the "gimme another pill" model and the faux veneer of the woke version built on emotion, inclusion, diversity, and other social ploys not based on peer-reviewed science or provable data.


Listen to your gut and keep doing what you know is right. Refuse to play their game, protect your half-acre at all costs and be very vocal at your state board level about what you want. Your opponent is.

We got this!

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