Do You Know the Answer?

Do You Know the Answer | Association for Mental Health ProfessionalsWe just finished recording a podcast with professor Chuck Romig which we will be releasing in a few weeks. He brought up so many insights on the state of our industry specifically, that I found myself listening to the finished recording 3-4 times this weekend. It's almost 90 minutes in length so that's quite a time commitment. It's so good that I wanted to pose a single question for you to mull over for the next few weeks until we publish it. Here we go:

Do You Know the Answer?

"Name ONE job or profession in which the related professional organization(s) are demanding that the practitioners in all 50 states subordinate their moral and religious beliefs, and  their constitutional rights, to a non-sovereign ethics code in order to participate in that profession's work without fear of reprisal."

Think about that and write your answer and any accompanying thoughts in the comments. We'll pick this back up in a few weeks.

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Do You Know the Answer | Association for Mental Health ProfessionalsPhillip's background has blessed him with a variety of interests, skills, and tools to get things done. He spent 25 years in the printing and marketing industry before meeting Kathleen Mills in 2015. They quickly figured out that they made a pretty good business team and, owing to Kathleen's story, embarked upon a mission that would see the creation of and eventually the Association for Mental Health Professionals.

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