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Last summer I bought a book recommended by Dr Jordan Peterson, Explaining PostModernism by Dr Steven Hicks, a well-known philosophy professor in the academic circles. As the title suggests, it explains the genesis of postmodern thought and does a highly academic job of answering the question, "how did we get here in the social mess we find ourselves in these days?"

The book's focus is on the reasons for, and the birth of, modernism, or the Enlightenment. It follows the historical personalities that ultimately generated Marxism, its various failed attempts to remain relevant, and it's vampiric refusal to die. It culminates in the movements not so quiet '60's retreat into academia, the cradle of all civic thought, as a last gasp attempt to birth a final assault and win the argument of which is better, capitalism or socialism?

I did a blog post series which we called, the War on Reason, in which I attempted to summarize it all. Have a look.

When Puzzle Pieces Fit, the Picture Becomes Clear

Two weeks ago we (Therapy Disruptors) interviewed Dr Miriam Grossman (psychiatrist) whom you may recall from Matt Walsh's documentary, "What's a Woman?" which was released about two years back as of this writing. She was the lone voice of sanity in the film. Late last year she did another interview with Dr Jordan Peterson which put another several million pairs of eyes on her. Between those two major interviews, three books and countless other interviews she has become a force majeure to be reckoned with.

That interview is being released today and can be found here in our Spotify acct, or on the AMHP website where AMHP members may listen to the same recording for ce credit.

Dr. Miriam Grossman at AMHP Conference 2024

We also have Dr Grossman booked to speak (virtually) at our AMHP Conference in September later this year. Travel issues keep her from being here in person but a virtual Dr Grossman is a far, far better thing than wishing full-time for the one that got away.

The War on Reason and Connecting the Dots

Both Dr. Grossman and Dr Quentin Van Meter (also slated for this year's conference), will speak specifically and in great detail to what is going on in our society right now, and why. They actually pick up where Dr Steven Hicks leaves off in his aforementioned book. They go into great detail about how the academic world has lead us astray since the '60's and how it was all accomplished.

I spent the weekend editing the Grossman audio and I invariably hear things when doing so that I simply missed when they were first spoken. My ears (and my spirit) really perked up when Dr Grossman said towards the end of the interview that we are in nothing less than a "War on Reason"; the same thing I had called my blog post series. Gotta love it when people connect the dots of history!


I am in full realization of the fact that no one cares how the house-fire started when it's in full 3-alarm mode. All anyone wants at that point is to snuff the blaze. I get it. But knowing how the blaze started will offer clues as to how to put it out, or prevent it, next time.

And as Dr. Grossman said in our interview, a competent counselor will know both sides of any argument in order to serve her clients professionally and well. Parroting only one side of an argument promoted by your singular, traditional source of information is not only unethical, it may result in legal action against you.

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