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The War on Reason-Part 5

By Phillip Crum | March 27, 2023 |
The War on Reason-Part 5

Any era of philosophical thought is played out in at least two stages: the academic arena where ideas are hammered out and refined, and the societal level where they are tested and police cars and careers burn. Part 2 requires that all of the lofty ideas, ivory-tower terms, and academic run-on sentences be distilled into a small handful of easily digestible, cause-oriented soundbites. That way the average disgruntled college student (or unemployed activist) can wrap his head around it and get behind a cause that gives his life some purpose. We’re 70 years deep into Part 2 of a philosophical social experiment called Post-Modernism. “Woke” is the pedestrian, popular name for it. That’s history for another discussion, but that’s where…

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S.B. 2529 and What It Means to You

By Phillip Crum | March 13, 2023 |
S.B. 2529

There is a proposed bill before the TX Senate to amend Chapter 111 of the Occupations Code (that’s one of the additional 9 Codes BHEC requires you as a licensee to be familiar with, right?) to include all (4) license types under BHEC’s jurisdiction. Here are our first-blush notes on the proposed SB No. 2527. Our comments are mostly limited to the portions that appear to apply to the 4 license types being proposed for inclusion. Section 6-Proposed Inclusion of BHEC Licensees 1. This bill would make LPC/LMFT/Psych/and SW licensees subject to this code (they are currently exempt). We assume that the 4 license types under BHEC authority will fall under the definition of “health professional” in Section 1455.001 since…

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Could Holistic Options Help?

By Kathleen Mills LPC-S | March 7, 2023 |
Holistic Approach

The past 10 years, especially the last 3, have made me question every single aspect of our profession, with a particular focus on whether we’re being as effective as we could be with our clients. I’m not seeing it. Could holistic options help? The number of pills my clients are taking is up. The number of vaccines they’re subjecting themselves and their children to is up; way up. The number of surgeries to treat symptoms is up. You’d think their quality of life would be up and their mental health would have experienced a corresponding positive development but that’s not the case. Mental health numbers in almost all categories are getting way worse when they should be improving. They’re worse…

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Who Tracks My CEU’s?

By Kathleen Mills LPC-S | February 28, 2023 |
Who Tracks My CEU's

  April 2023 Update: A quick review of the LPC Rulebook late last week revealed the existence of a 2nd “effective date” that 3-4 pair of eyes belonging to some of the most eagle-eyed talent in all of N. Dallas had failed to spot. Essentially, part of the newly minted renewal hour requirements took effect in March of 2023, the balance take effect on Jan 1 of 2024. The explanatory chart we created for the new rules has been updated and can be downloaded here. Bottom line is, assume that all of these rules are in effect now and plan/obtain your hours accordingly. Last week we talked about the how-to’s of getting on your board’s “approved provider list”, if you’re…

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How Do I Get on the Approved Provider List?

By Kathleen Mills LPC-S | February 21, 2023 |
Approved Provider List

A friend of mine asked me a number of questions earlier this week about becoming a CE provider here in the state of TX and getting on the Approved Provider list. Thought I’d pass that Q&A session along in the hopeful knowledge that it might help someone else as well. Here we go. How Do I Become a CE Provider in Texas? Just a few years ago all you had to do to become a CE provider in Texas was complete and sign a 1-page form and most importantly, sign a $50 check payable to the state. Then the rules were changed at the behest of The Sunset Commission which told our governing boards that they needed to get out…

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What is Therapy?

By Kathleen Mills LPC-S | February 14, 2023 |
What is Therapy?

This week a client asked one of my associates, “what’s therapy?” When she told me that my initial thought was, “it’s therapy, what do you mean, “what’s therapy?”. But then I gave it some thought and began to wonder what might prompt such a question from a non-counselor. Like a lot of businesses it’s easy to assume that everyone knows what we do and how we do it when, in fact, that’s not the case. We live in it 24/7, they don’t. So, What is Therapy? I think there are several very real queries packed into that simple little question. How does this work? What do I need to do first? How is therapy different than visiting my regular doctor?…

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Nirvana via Marxism: We’re Letting This Happen?

By Kathleen Mills LPC-S | February 6, 2023 |
Nirvana via Marxism

The woke community uses something I call the 10% rule to achieve their objectives. That rule would have you change a definition ever so slightly in your favor, just a little bit, when no one’s looking. Then let your target audience hear your argument through the filter of their understanding of that old familiar term. You can get a lot of people to agree with your position this way, even if they don’t understand what they just agreed to, because this technique relies on the “defer to the expert” phenomenon. (We’re too lazy to go look it up ourselves so we just accept what the expert in the white lab coat tells us.) Nirvana via Marxism: What’s in a Word?…

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The AMHP Annual Conference

By Phillip Crum | January 30, 2023 |
AMHP Annual Conference

We’re already well underway planning the AMHP Annual Conference and I’m confident in saying it will be like no other counseling conference you’ve ever attended. In fact, that’s our stated goal. How Will It Be Different? We see two very specific areas of concern affecting counselors that we want to address in this conference: Navigating the new CE Renewal Rules and checking those boxes off of your list, and… Running a counseling practice in a post-covid environment, and the issues that that brings. The New CE Renewal Rules The new set of rules goes into effect Jan 2024. Before you say to yourself, “oh, good, I have time to figure them out!”, uh, no, you don’t. That effective date means…

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