Why Does the Association for Mental Health Professionals Exist?

Like-Minded Community

...to foster a community environment in which like-minded counselors might find much needed peer-support for their beliefs and their practices.

CE Provider Validation

...to provide validation, endorsement, and support for “non-approved” ce providers (and all of the others as well!).                                                                                                   

We Believe...

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We Believe that most mental health professionals feel inadequately represented in their core personal and professional beliefs; we need a new home; that the quiet majority of counselors are morally grounded, God-fearing people; that they desire only information, community, resources and hope, to continue their good work without being asked to sacrifice their foundational beliefs in the name of "progress".

We Believe that the future of the counseling profession is in taking a more holistic, or "whole body approach", towards helping our clients; that mental issues are frequently rooted in a physical cause and that "yet another pill" is not the answer.

We Believe that the “information gap” between grad-school and full licensure is nothing short of criminal and needs to be addressed.

We Believe that there is a need to bring quality ce providers and licensees together, and...

Qualifications to Become a Member

Our reasons for founding the AMHP are outlined above. If you feel the same way, that our profession has been heading down the wrong path and needs to encompass a more holistic approach to mental health; if you don't feel that your moral/cultural/spiritual views are represented in the other professional groups, then you're qualified to become a member, no matter what state you live in. Simple as that.

How Will I Benefit as an AMHP Member?


As a member you will be a part of a unique community of like-minded professionals who adhere unflinchingly to a more traditional sense of morals and ethics.

Premium Content

You'll have private access to original and curated content intended to both inform, and help you sharpen your critical thinking skills.


You will have opportunities to participate in spirited member events both online and off, and experience meaningful interaction without fear or shame. This includes an Annual 2-Day Conference.

Preferred CE Providers

You'll have access to our “Preferred CE Providers” list, established ce providers offering discounted programs that align more closely with your traditional, Godly beliefs and ethics.

Member Services

Enjoy private access to the entire membership directory for AMHP. Find like-minded counselors in your area, or utilize the directory for client referrals anywhere in Texas.

Practice Tools

Through member discounts you’ll save more than enough money annually on ce courses and workshops, social outings, and products & services you use in your practice to easily pay your annual membership fee.

Service Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to serve your fellow members in a number of ways, including collaborative content development made available to all members through the Association's platform, if that's your thing. Got an idea? Let's hear it.

Professional Advocacy

And we will teach you to advocate for your beliefs at the state level.

How Will I Benefit As A Preferred CE Provider-Member?