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Hi, I'm Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAP, CIMHP. Phillip Crum and I launched this association back in December of 2022 for like-minded mental health counselors and related professions for the reasons carefully outlined on this page.

We are first and foremost God-fearing Americans, family leaders and mental health counselors who highly value the never-ending good work we do on a daily basis. We're professionals who worked many years to build what we have and we are not at all happy with the path down which our profession is being taken by a very misguided minority.

Cultural Marxism has infiltrated American society especially our universities, accrediting institutions and our professional organizations, and has not spared the counseling profession. Well-funded institutions like WPATH have aligned themselves with these groups to systemically alter the Generally Accepted Standards of Care and normalize that which should be rightly counted mental illness.

This is an overt attack. It would turn what is a noble profession holding people accountable through critical thinking, to a spineless trade at best, in which the therapist affirms whatever self-diagnosis or version of Truth a client brings in through our front doors.

This is an unsustainable path and we believe the way to right the ship can be and is as straight-forward as this:

  1. Defend your counseling room environment. Do not subscribe to their subjective re-writing of your Generally Accepted Standards of Care. (It's not law, it's a loud, erroneous opinion.)
  2. Consider expanding your practice beyond the grip of Big Pharma. "Another pill" is almost never the answer, and the practice model of the future incorporates a holistic team approach.
  3. Speak up. Become active at the licensing board level in the state in which you are licensed. (You cannot lose your license for speaking your mind.)

Upon that foundation we can and will re-build our profession. We can reclaim our noble work and leave this profession for the next generation, our kids, in much better shape than we found it. But we need your help.

Please join us and let's re-build our world together.

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Our Long-Term Vision

...to put the counseling profession back firmly on a science-based, peer-reviewed track. To expand the basic model from a neck-up, pharma-based solution to a more holistic, whole body approach to mental health.

Our Daily Mission

...to awaken licensed mental health counselors to the threat our profession is facing and coordinate the appropriate response; to provide the resources needed to protect the counseling environment and launch the next generation.

How Will I Benefit as an AMHP Member?

Custom Content

FREEmium Content: Our blog posts and The Therapy Disruptors Podcast are free and available to anyone. It's our way of introducing non-members to the group.

Premium Content: You must be a member to access the rest of our content which includes everything listed under Member Services and our OnDemand online library of CEU Courses. You can also get CEU credit for The Therapy Disruptors Podcast as a member.


As a member you will be a part of a unique community of like-minded professionals who adhere unflinchingly to a more traditional sense of morals, ethics, and treatment options. We also meet monthly in an online webinar called "Counselors' Community". For our more local members we occasionally meet for a Saturday outing to spend time together in-person.

OnDemand CE Courses

In addition to our Preferred CE Providers, beginning Jan 1, 2024 AMHP will make a library of CE Courses available to its members. This will make it possible for you to knock out (most of) your state-required ethics hours at your leisure, prior to the annual conference. This library will be available to you at no additional cost as a part of your annual membership fee. This way we can spend the entire two-day conference listening to nationally recognized speakers discuss cutting-edge counseling topics of the day. 

Service Opportunities

Want to get involved? Write a blog post. Create an OnDemand CE Course. Do a podcast interview with us. Volunteer to help stage the Annual Conference. Attend the monthly Counselors' Connection webinar. Attend your licensing board's meeting with us. Create a useful digital asset for fellow members to download. Got an idea? Let's hear it.

Member Services

Our various member services include access to: OnDemand CE Courses, Practice Partnerships, Preferred CE Providers, a Job Board, an Announcement Board, our Member Directory, a Supervisor Database (for TX) and a library of Digital Assets for Members only.  


You will have opportunities to participate in spirited member events both online and off, and experience meaningful interaction without fear or shame. This includes various online webinars and an Annual 2-Day Conference.

Practice Partners

We currently have negotiated member discount programs with website developers, photographers, an EHR Platform, a HIPAA Compliance service provider, and we're looking at several more. Utilizing these service providers will save you more than enough annually to easily cover your membership fee. It's a no-brainer!

Preferred CE Providers

You'll have access to our growing “Preferred CE Providers” list, established ce providers offering programs that align more closely with your traditional, Godly beliefs and ethics.